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Our Story

Hi my name is Jo and I am the founder and owner of



This business was created as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. During this pandemic I was made redundant and so were many other people that I knew. One day I found myself thinking that I'd love to show someone that I knew was doing it tough, a little love. I'd love to show them that, "I so care". And that is the moment that I So Care was created.


I saw a need, and I had the time and passion to meet it. I founded I So Care with one goal in mind: providing an affordable avenue for people to be able to let others know that they care. Every gift box that left our little store made us so happy. Not only because we are proud of our products, but because we knew that it was going to end up in the hands of someone who would then know that they are loved. 


But this business is evolving...

Our focus has shifted.

Instead of having an everyday gift store, we have decided to focus on campaigns. Specifically run either to celebrate special holidays or just to generate love in times that we may need it most. Because if 2020 has taught us anything, its to share as much love as possible.


So, we have some exciting things planned. So, make sure you connect with us on social media so you can stay in the loop.

Big Love,